Unlike other circumcision clinics, our fully NHS trained surgical team are able to provide a more comprehensive circumcision service that extend to all age groups, such as: Plastibell, Circumplast, Open/Traditional Surgery and Revision and Corrective Surgery. By choosing us, you are assuring quality.

Before your appointment:

  1. Please bring your baby’s red book with you. This will contain the child’s medical history.
  2. Please bring any medication the patient is taking and report any allergies to the Surgeon.
  3. Also spare nappies and wipes are helpful and a milk bottle or comforter if appropriate.
  4. The patient should eat or be fed prior to arrival if possible.
  5. It is a legal requirement to speak to the child’s biological mother and father prior to undertaking the procedure, we expect both parents to attend as both parents will need to consent. If the child is competent we would then require his consent along with his parents consent. Parents consent is not required after the child’s 16th birthday – please bring a passport or birth certificate to show you are 18 years of age. 

 In the clinic: 

  1. Please check in with the receptionist 10 minutes prior to your appointment.
  2. No food allowed in the clinic to comply with hygiene and safety standards.
  3. No use of  mobile phones in the clinic and must be on silent at all times.
  4. You will be called in by the Surgeon and seated in the consulting room, the surgeon will ask for the patient’s clothing to be loosened for inspection of the area and you will be asked to carefully read the  Consent Form
  5. The surgeon will discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you have before you sign the consent form.
  6. If you are not an English speaker then please bring a translator with you.
  7. We encourage one parent to stay with the child in the minor operating room provided you are not squeamish.
  8. If you are coming for a revision consult then the surgeon will see you in a consulting room for examination and advise you accordingly.

In taking an appointment and paying our fee you accept all our terms and conditions, whether contained in here or determined by us as necessary.

In the operating room:

  1. The patient will be examined by the surgeon to make sure there are no medical reasons not to undertake the procedure
  2. The surgeon will apply a cleaning liquid and surgical drapes to create a sterile field which the parent must not touch
  3. We apply a local anaesthetic at the base of the penis which numbs the penis and lasts for up to 6 hours
  4. We use a Plastibell/Circumplast circumcision technique. A Plastibell is a clear plastic ring with a handle and groove around it. The numb foreskin is separated from the inner penile skin and a dorsal slit is made. This allows the Plastibell to be inserted in place. The foreskin is rolled over the Plastibell, tied with a suture and the excess skin is carefully removed. The handle of the Plastibell is broken off at the end of the procedure. The whole procedure takes 3 to 5 minutes. A Circumplast ring, which is also a plastic ring but this has multiple grooves for placing the suture. The ring takes several days to fall off. The main benefit of the Circumplast to the Plastibell is that it reduces the small risk of the plastic device moving in towards the penis.  It allows for flexibility when making the incision. It is also considered to give a better cosmetic appearance. Please see the surgeon’s notes and the Ring products here.
  5. For older boys/men or if a family have a specific preference we will use an open method to cut the skin away and either glue or suture the skin together. During the procedure you will be regularly asked whether you require further local anaesthetic for managing the discomfort.
  6. All our instruments are sterile single use and are disposed of safely. We never re-use instruments.

After the procedure:

  1. You and your family will be given a private room in which to recover and you will remain here or in the surgery until the surgeon has carried out a post-operative check and he is happy for you to be discharged, this will be around 20 minutes.
  2.  All our patients will receive Post Operative Information to take home with them. If the patient had the Open (Traditional) surgery procedure he will receive this document Open Procedure FAQ . If the patient had the Ring Procedure (Circumplast/Plastibell) the parents will receive this information document Ring Procedure FAQ
  3. We will provide a summary for your GP’s records.
  4. For adult circumcision it is possible to drive home but it may be preferable to bring a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure.
  5. If you notice bleeding which soaks the dressing or that is persistent, persistent foul-smelling discharge or the patient has not urinated for 12 hours then call the appointment telephone number and we will endeavour to assess the situation for you. 
  6. Parents are encouraged to change the nappy regularly until the skin is healed
  7. Bathing for 10 minutes, starting the day after surgery is recommended as this will loosen the ring. For those who had the open method, gentle showers are preferable until the skin has healed.
  8. In the case of adult circumcision please allow 3 days of rest before returning to work and keep to desk work, no strenuous activity until the skin has heeled.
  9. For children above the age of 2 years, we suggest rest for 3 days, keeping to light play until the skin has healed.
  10. The plastibell and circumplast ring takes on average 7 to 10 days to fall off and the wound will heal over the following weeks. For newborns the ring can take on average 3- 7 days to fall off and the wound will heal over the following week. If by 10 days the ring has not fallen off then give us a call on the appointment telephone number.
  11. Our Consultant Surgeon Urologist’s are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, please call, text or WhatsApp using the appointment telephone number, or alternatively you can send us a message through our website on the “Contact Us” page.

All services are by appointments only. For dates and appointments or for further information visit our “Pricing and Bookings” Page or alternatively call 07954858060 to speak to our friendly staff. We are experiencing a high level of demand for our circumcision services and advise early bookings to avoid lengthy waiting lists.