Why we at Qualified Circumcision Clinic (QCC) say the earlier the better.

When it comes to male circumcision it has been documented time and time again that the younger the baby the quicker the recovery time and the healing time. On average we say 7- 10 days for the ring to fall off and then a further week for the healing process. However in younger babies there is a pattern of on average 3-7 days for the ring to fall off and thereafter a further few days for the healing process. This is because they are less active at an early age and there is less area to heal given that they are younger. The circumcision and aftercare of a circumcised child can be a stressful time for any parent. So with this in mind, we at QCC encourage parents to make the informed choice of getting their child circumcised as soon as possible.

With a premature baby we say, to wait a week after your predicted due date, this is the term date you were given plus 1 week.

Why choose us? Circumcision is a minor surgical Urology procedure. We at QCC are a surgeon led Urology clinic for male circumcision of all ages. By choosing us you are assuring quality.


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