At QCC, we pride ourselves on giving our patients the best service and care. To ensure our patients receive this, we at QCC employ only Consultant Urology Surgeons who have been performing and teaching both major and minor Surgery procedures – including circumcision for at least 10 years or more.  Our Surgeons work for some of the most reputable teaching hospitals in the UK. Our NHS Surgeons are qualified and experienced in the Urological surgical procedure of circumcision. 

“As a medical professional, I am fully aware this Consultant Urologist Surgeon should be charging a lot more than he is for his specialist skill set and knowledge. He would be making much more performing circumcisions in private hospitals. After reviewing our surgeons credentials, reading about his many accomplishments in Urology and his contributions to research – he really is extremely talented in his field. On having my son, I booked with QCC straight away. It turned out the surgeon is a really nice person, very down to earth, humble and very caring. His team are all professionals and they ensure good medical practice from booking to aftercare. The surgeon was also on-call 24/7 after the procedure, at no extra cost!”  For more reviews, please see: What Adult Patients and Parents Say About Us

What makes us different?

  • The procedure will be performed by our qualified Consultant Surgeons with over 10 years surgical experience in Urology (including circumcision).
  • We are the ONLY NHS qualified Urology Consultant Surgeon led circumcision clinic in the UK, covering the North and Midlands.
  • We offer a dedicated male circumcision service for ALL ages – from newborn to adults.
  • We can offer various circumcision techniques from a Plastibell, Circumplast to the Open/Traditional procedure.
  • We provide a Revision and Corrective Surgery for those (patients and parents) who are not happy with a previous circumcision performed elsewhere
  • We put patient care at the forefront of our service.
  • The procedures are performed in a clinical and safe environment.
  • We use single use sterile equipment.
  • We take care in providing information before and after the procedure.
  • We encourage one member of the family to be present during the procedure for the child/adult’s comfort.
  • You will be given your own private room for you and your family to recover after the procedure, allowing the surgeon to do a final check on the patient before discharging him.
  • We have worked hard to mirror the hospital experience but in a more warm environment.
  • Our aftercare is the best with our surgeon “on call” 24/7 after the procedure.
  • Our premises and all our clinics are Care Quality Commission -CQC registered. 
  • We are based locally.
  • We only circumcise 3 patients an hour (unlike other clinics that do 5 an hour), this gives the patient more one to one time with the Consultant Urologist Surgeon and the health care team.
  • Our services for all age groups are competitive and are often better value than other GP and non-urologist surgeon run clinics in the North and in the Midlands.

All services are by appointments only. For dates and appointments or for further information visit our “Pricing and Bookings” Page or alternatively call 07954858060 to speak to our friendly staff. We are experiencing a high level of demand for our circumcision services and advise early bookings to avoid lengthy waiting lists.