Just some of the reviews we received from our surgeon led circumcision clinics:

“As a medical professional, I am fully aware this Consultant Urologist Surgeon should be charging a lot more for his specialist skill set and knowledge. He would be making much more performing circumcisions in private hospitals. After reviewing his credentials, reading about his many accomplishments in Urology and his contributions to research – he really is extremely talented in his field. After having my son, I booked with QCC straight away. It turned out the surgeon is a really nice person, very down to earth, humble and very caring. His team are all professionals and they ensure good medical practice from booking to aftercare. The surgeon was also on-call 24/7 after the procedure, at no extra cost!”

“From the booking service to after-care, the service was exceptional. I had my eldest son circumcised elsewhere, a long time ago when he was a baby. This time I chose QCC for my second son, it was the best decision i have ever made. I will only be recommending this service to my family and friends. Having a Consultant Urology Surgeon do the circumcision makes ALL the difference and at this price – wow”

“I am so thankful to Circumplast and QCC for my child’s circumcision. I initially chose the plastibell because it is the most commonly used ring in the world. The surgeon during my child’s consult noticed that my child naturally had less foreskin and had I insisted on plastibell would result in my child having a tight and smaller penis. The surgeon initially tried to attach the plastibell  to demonstrate but it kept slipping off so he insisted on the circumplast and refused to use the plastibell on the grounds of patient care. The plastibell is rigid and doesn’t allow the surgeon enough flexibility to make a tie anywhere along the ring which the circumplast allows. I thank God I didn’t go to a GP or non-urologist surgeon for my son’s circumcision, its unthinkable how they would have pulled on the rest of my child’s skin to get the plastibell to sit.”

“I got circumcised for health reasons. I couldn’t wait any longer to get it done under the NHS. I looked into private hospitals and they were charging thousands of pounds for a Consultant Surgeon Urologist to perform the procedure. Luckily, I came across QCC on google and I am so glad I did. They charged a flat rate for my adult circumcision and I have since learnt that the Consultant Surgeon Urologist that did the surgery is one of the main Consultant Urologist’s in Sheffield.”

“Excellent service, very professional.”

“As a Dr, I would only get my child circumcised by a Urologist. That’s why as a GP I only recommend that all my patients and colleagues come here. Urologist Surgeons are the most qualified professionals to perform circumcisions. They have successfully completed several years of training under the NHS and have performed countless circumcisions for the hospitals they work in. Not only are they fully trained in this area but they have intricate knowledge of this organ. For instance, they know medically when not to perform a circumcision and they know how much skin to remove without causing the penis to grow small or tight etc. At the end of the day, circumcision is a Urological surgery and if hospital’s only allow surgeons to perform circumcisions then why should we expect anything less for ourselves or our dear children?”

“As an adult, these circumcision services can cost more than a month’s rent at some places but NOT at Qualified Circumcision Clinic. It cost less than half the price of other circumcision clinics and I got a Consultant Urologist doing it. The surgeon took his time and is a real perfectionist. Brilliant after-care he even checked in on us a day after the procedure, I couldn’t be happier with the service and procedure.”

“The surgeon was really experienced so it put my mind and heart at ease.”

“The surgeon was excellent my son slept through most of it.”

“Service provided was excellent and the procedure was well explained”

“I chose the ring procedure for my child. I was very impressed by the clinic, it is run very well and the surgeon puts a lot of emphasis on patient care as do the rest of the staff. The procedure was well explained both when booking my appointment to the consultation I received with the surgeon before the circumcision. Of course, with any surgery there is a risk of bleeding after the procedure and this can happen with any ring procedure and in any clinic. This risk is however slightly reduced with open surgery. I know this more than most as I am a health professional. As luck would have it, after the ring was tied with the string the surgeon noticed bleeding but not enough to concern him as it was stopping by itself. The surgeon checked twice and the bleeding had stopped. After a couple of hours, I noticed the bleeding had restarted again when I looked in my son’s nappy. I contacted QCC and they advised me to either return to the clinic if it was excessive bleeding, if not, the surgeon would come and see me anyway at home. To cut a long story short, I am just so relieved we chose QCC, as I know most circumcision clinics are GP run, had I gone elsewhere, the GP would have sent my son and I to A&E where we would have had to wait for several hours to be seen by a Urologist surgeon. Instead I was seen straight away by the surgeon at the QCC clinic and he stitched it up quickly and neatly with so much professionalism. I am extremely thankful to QCC for providing this surgeon led service. I am a firm believer that all circumcision clinics should be run by urologist surgeons for this reason”

“Brilliant customer service. I would definitely recommend this service to family and friends.”

“The service was exceptional, the team were friendly and so so helpful. The procedure was quick and professional. None of the equipment was re-used and all the healthcare professionals in the operating room wore gloves, everything was cleaned and sanitised. The surgeon spent time with us before the procedure explaining the operation and answering all of our questions. The procedure itself went really well. We were asked to wait 30 minutes after the procedure for a post operative check-up. I never received this level of care with my first child’s circumcision, which was done at another clinic and was more expensive than QCC. I will definitely be recommending this service to everyone.”

“I had the consult and revision service. I was really unhappy with my son’s previous circumcision, the job was done by a so-called doctor and was done badly, my son was left with excess skin. So after the consult with QCC, we decided to get my son’s circumcision corrected and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. The service and care at QCC was amazing, I couldn’t fault it! The doctor is a consultant surgeon in Urology, he took his time and operated on my son with so much care and ease, a true professional, my son barely felt a thing. I really wish I had got it done by him in the first place. I will be telling all my family and friends about this clinic.”