Male circumcision is performed for religious, cultural, health and hygiene purposes.

Male circumcision is a minor Urology surgical procedure, for this reason, we are a Urology led surgeon service. By choosing us, you are assuring quality. Our surgeon led services are competitive and start from £130, please see our “Pricing and Bookings” page for a full list of our services,

Unlike other circumcision clinics, our fully NHS trained surgical team are able to provide a more comprehensive circumcision service extending to all age groups. At QCC, we only employ Consultant Urological Surgeons. Our experienced surgeons have been performing and teaching both minor and major surgical procedures for at least 10 years or more, this includes circumcision. Our surgeons are qualified in Urology and our procedures range from the following:

  1. The most commonly used technique, worldwide, in the under 2 age group is the Plastibell method. This includes the use of a plastic device on the penile skin, which is left on after the foreskin has been cut off.  The plastibell falls off approximately 7-10 days after the procedure and the skin heals over the next 7 days. In older boys and men, a plastibell is not used and an open method is preferred which utilises glue or stitches to approximate the skin.
  2. An alternative technique in the under 2 age group involves the use of a Circumplast ring, which is also a plastic ring but it has multiple grooves for placing the suture. The ring takes 7-10 days to fall off and the skin heals over the next seven days. The main benefit of the circumplast to the plastibell is that it reduces the small risk of the plastic device moving in towards the penis. It is  also considered to give a better cosmetic appearance.
  3. Open/Traditional Surgery is a technique which requires more surgical skill and takes longer to perform. We offer this service to adults, older children (above the age of 2 years) and to babies if parents prefer. The open method is used to cut the skin away and either glue or suture the skin together.  There is no ring which needs to fall off and the sutures dissolve as the skin heals over two weeks.
  4. We also provide a Revision Consult and Corrective Surgery for those (patients and parents) who are not happy with a previous circumcision that was performed elsewhere.

All circumcisions should be performed by a qualified and experienced practitioner as this will lower the risk of complications. Procedures should be performed in a clean CQC approved minor operations room. Two types of local anaesthetic is given to each patient to remove any pain associated with the procedure.

“As a Dr, I would only get my child circumcised by a Urologist. That’s why as a GP I only recommend that all my patients and colleagues come here. Urologist Surgeons are THE most qualified professionals to perform circumcisions. They have successfully completed several years of training under the NHS and have performed countless circumcisions for the hospitals they work in. Not only are they fully trained in this area but they have intricate knowledge of this organ. For instance, they know medically when and when not to perform a circumcision and they know how much skin to remove without causing the penis to grow small or tight etc. At the end of the day, circumcision is a Urological surgery and if hospital’s only allow urologist surgeons to perform circumcisions then why should we expect anything less for ourselves or our dear children?” 

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All services are by appointments only. For dates and appointments or for further information visit our “Pricing and Bookings” Page or alternatively call 07954858060 to speak to our friendly staff. Please book early to avoid lengthy waiting lists.